Christmas Scripts

Hello and Merry Pre-Christmas from the Disorganised Sunday School Blog.

You’re probably here because you’re wondering what to do with your Sunday School this year. Maybe you’ve got a whole Carol Service to plan, maybe a kids slot in an otherwise grown up event. Perhaps you’re wondering how you can get your kids to learn lines in the next few weeks or you’re looking to do something completely different. Below are a few Christmas plays I’ve written or collected; hopefully  there’s something here for you whatever you need. So dive in, enjoy and happy planning!

Click on the titles to read excerpts and find the downloads for each play!

Angel Tours Nativity was written when our Carol Service was happening outside so makes use of minimum equipment (Max. 3 microphones) and incorporates songs for a whole Carol Service experience. Also; it’s ideal if you’ve got small numbers of kids or lots who are unwilling to talk as they’re largely not required to.

An Unspecified Number of Wise Astronomers From Somewhere East of Israel is probably my favourite of the nativities I’ve written. It’s a pedants dream of corrections and once again features minimal line learning unless you’re one of the two narrators. Designed to be acted out just before We Three Kings of Orient Are but that’s not technically necessary.

Don’t forget Don’t Miss Christmas! Some ‘might have been’ scenarios of those who ignore the birth of Jesus, a light-hearted but genuine invite for people to discover the real Jesus for themselves.

These are both excellent scripts from other authors that I’ve used before and enjoyed! If you’re after an amusing and chaotic nativity choose The Misunderstood Christmas and be prepared to go off piste, and if you want a thought provoking Christmas comedy go for In the Same Country. Both are free to use but their creators ask that you let them know if you’re using them, you can find their emails by clicking on the links.

Coming soon:

The Story through songs and Straight from the Gospel nativities

Tips on getting kids to act well!


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