Last Minute Christmas Ideas

It’s nearly December!

Month of Carol services, mince pies and panic.

Here are some more ideas you can use in your Christmas preparations. These should take less time to prepare than the Christmas Scripts I posted two weeks ago.

Try going right back to the roots of Christmas with Nativities Straight from the Gospels. You can find Luke and Matthew’s version of events and I’ve even combined them if you want the full story. Perfect for accompanying a sermon on either of those passages.

For those of you with all the right costumes but none of the times here’s a suggested playlist to tell the Christmas Story through Songs. Obviously you can pick your own songs but this is a nice starting point.

And now for something a bit different: less traditional and with a strong Christmas message this script is super flexible. Christmas King can be performed by any number of people, kids and adults alike. It can be read, memorised or performed with simple actions to accompany the lines. I’ve even done it with audience participation; getting them to cheer along, and pulling people up on stage to turn into clocks, crosses and Christmas trees! It doesn’t require costumes or props unless you want them and it’s so easy to pass a microphone or have all the action take place in front of a mic stand if that’s what you need.

Coming soon:

Tips on getting kids to act well!


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