A Christmassy ‘How to…’

The Disorganised Sunday School Blog just posted their first ‘How to…’

Head on over to ‘How to get kids to act‘ to get some ideas on… er… how to get kids to act. And leave a comment on this post if you have any tips you’ve found useful for getting your children to do some drama.

Here is a Special Tip for everyone regardless of whether they need a ‘How to…’ or not:

Get involved!

If you are joining in, the kids get to see what they should be doing, the little ones will know when to gasp with fright and the big ones won’t be embarrassed to. If your job is to hold the microphone so that everyone can hear then dress up! Go subtle and shepherd if you must or even better dig out your woolies and go sheep. It’ll help the kids relax and enjoy themselves knowing they’re not the most ridiculous people on stage and your audience will know that most important thing: it’s okay to laugh!

Don’t forget to leave your tips for getting kids acting in the comments, I’d love to hear them.


One thought on “A Christmassy ‘How to…’

  1. Great idea! I dressed up on Sunday when angel Gabriel was ill – well I tried to, until I discovered, whilst behind the stable scene in church that the arms of my costume were too thin for me! I hastily attached the costume to my jumper hoping the actors on stage wouldn’t finish before I could emerge in character! It was more by accident than design, but the children did seem to find it quite fun. 🙂


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