Jesus meets a scholar

Secret meetings and spiritual rebirth

Jesus meets the highly religious Nicodemus

Everyone one thought Nicodemus was the best of the best; clever, academic, devoted. He was respected and religious, law-abiding and looked up to, everybody would have said that he was doing everything right as far as God was concerned.

Is this the position our Sunday School kids are in? It was for me. I was a good girl at school (and not completely awful at home). I prayed with my mum every night and went to church every week. I knew who was who in the Bible, certainly more than any of my friends at my CofE juniors. I could say the Lord’s prayer and the Nicene Creed. I thought I was definitely good enough.

So this then may be just the wake up call they need. Do they really have a new life in Jesus? Have they left their old life behind? Do they know it doesn’t depend on them; the Father freely gives them his love through his Son? That’s what Nicodemus discovered when he met Jesus.


Jesus meets a sceptic

New Series in John’s Gospel

Jesus meets a sceptical Nathanael

Our ‘Jesus meets…’ series kicks off properly this week with the ‘guest’ format (and I think this is the last time I can get away with calling it a new series). This session is built around John 1:43-51 with Nathanael visiting the kids to tell them about the first time he met Jesus.

I wrote these for our monthly Saturday kids club and it was wonderful to get people from our church who wouldn’t normally be there to come and pretend to be Bible characters. It’s much easier than you think to ask people to do this, they don’t need to stay for the whole session so it’s very little time to give up and Bible characters are allowed to bring notes to remind them of what they wanted to say so it’s low pressure too. Lots of our guests had great fun dressing up and putting on accents! Of course, if you’ve got the technology you could film them in advance and have your guest present in that way, although it might be handy to have a back up plan – just in case. If anyone decides to do this I’d love to see them – leave a comment and we’ll work out how to make it happen.

Have a think now about whether you can manage authentic costumes for your guests or whether modern day equivalents will do nicely. We went modern day for ours but as long as you’re consistent it really doesn’t matter.
Enjoy getting to know Nathanael and of course Jesus!

Jesus meets humanity

New series!

Discover Jesus in the gospel of John through the eyes of the people he meets.

Explore the mystery of the Word becoming flesh through the eyes of the Shepherds and the Wise Men. This Christmassy session, based on John chapter 1, is a great kickstart to the gospel of John (although it borrows the people from Luke and Matthew) and is great for any time of the year.

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