Jesus meets a scholar

Secret meetings and spiritual rebirth

Jesus meets the highly religious Nicodemus

Everyone one thought Nicodemus was the best of the best; clever, academic, devoted. He was respected and religious, law-abiding and looked up to, everybody would have said that he was doing everything right as far as God was concerned.

Is this the position our Sunday School kids are in? It was for me. I was a good girl at school (and not completely awful at home). I prayed with my mum every night and went to church every week. I knew who was who in the Bible, certainly more than any of my friends at my CofE juniors. I could say the Lord’s prayer and the Nicene Creed. I thought I was definitely good enough.

So this then may be just the wake up call they need. Do they really have a new life in Jesus? Have they left their old life behind? Do they know it doesn’t depend on them; the Father freely gives them his love through his Son? That’s what Nicodemus discovered when he met Jesus.


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