Jesus meets a man in the dark

A miracle and three responses.

Jesus meets a man born blind

When we did this with a Saturday kids club our ‘actor’ playing the man born blind perfectly performed part one as a blind man and then popped outside. While waiting outside he bumped into a Brazilian couple who needed directions and wanting to be helpful and practise his Portuguese he naturally put his glasses on and chatted away. After having given directions he dashed back in for part 2 as a totally healed, formerly blind man … complete with glasses!
Fortunately the power of acting (and common sense and the Holy Spirit) won the day and none of the kids went home believing that Jesus healed imperfectly.

If you’d like to recreate the healing of the man born blind and do it better check out the drama here, and you can also find  songs, a talk, games and more drama to link to the theme.


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