Waiting for Joseph…

Sorry everybody, I've got an awful cold - the kind that is bad enough that I need to be within arms reach of a tissue at all moments but is still obviously just a cold and so I'm not actually ill. Unfortunately for you it means that I lost all motivation to write up Jesus … Continue reading Waiting for Joseph…


Jesus really is great!

Isn't he just? How Genesis 22 points us to Jesus. Yet another week where I can't decide which is the better comparison to make: Is Jesus the new and better Abraham; the man of great faith who trust God even in the hardest situation? Is he the new and better Isaac who goes willingly to … Continue reading Jesus really is great!

New Series!

Where is Jesus in the Old Testament? All over the place! Super excited to announce a new series of Sunday School stuff! This time it's all based on how our favourite Old Testament heroes and stories foreshadow Jesus. Inspired by this Tim Keller talk, we won't look at all of history but certainly at some … Continue reading New Series!