Jesus is the King

Ruler over everything

Jesus is the One. Promised One. The Son of God.

Now try getting that tune out of your head (and if you don’t know it check out the song section of Jesus is the New and Better David for a link).

The Timeline activity this week makes use of a fun but slightly bizarre resource: The Brick Bible. The makers of this website have devoted a lot of time to creating and photographing stories from the Bible out of Lego. They are often pleasingly accurate although I have found that I have to choose pictures carefully because a few red bricks on the floor looks surprisingly brutal and because they are just Lego they don’t skimp on nudity and sex. If you are in the US you can buy child friendly books in the same style (I don’t live there so I can’t comment on what they’re like – if anyone knows please comment below).  They have also added speech where appropriate – it’s an amalgamation of different English-language translations and uses Yahweh frequently which I find a bit annoying. It’s not always sympathetic in its portrayal of events which sometimes works well at removing any soppiness but also removes reason and context. However with a wise selection of pictures it’s very handy – I definitely recommend you check it out.


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