A little taste of heaven

It sounds like the tag-line for a chocolate mousse, but I am actually thinking of the weekend away my church just had. Of course, it wasn’t perfect: it rained, I got about 3 hours sleep, we drove the long way home, I got bitten (by a beetle not a child!), I’m still exhausted and I forgot to blog on Monday.

And yet…

I spent time with God’s people praising him, giving thanks for all he’s done, looking forward to new adventures with him in the future. I depended on him, with my friends, and family, and I spoke to him. I worshipped him in song and with what I did, surrounded by others doing the same.

So I’ll blog the kids work soon, I’ve got serious holiday club planning to do, and I’m back at work already but please pray with me that I don’t forget the blessings and lessons of this weekend in the busy-ness and ordinary-ness of everyday life.


How to…

make things a bit easier for the visually impaired

and dyslexic, disorganised and those learning to read

While I’ve picked up a few good habits from my work with SEND kids in school there’s definitely a few easy tweaks that I could make that would make things just a little bit easier. As soon as I’ve worked out how I’ll follow my own advice for helping the visually impaired and change the background of this site from white to cream. If things go horribly wrong and the whole site disappears for a while – now you know what I was aiming for!

How to…

Be more inclusive

for those with hearing impairments

I hope these five, easy to implement, tips help with including those with difficulty hearing. I’d suggest trying to do these things even if all the kids in your class can hear perfectly as it may also help those with difficulty listening.

Sorry for the delay in posting I wrote and uploaded this How to… on Saturday and then forgot to tell you about it – disorganised by name and disorganised by nature! I have a church weekend away in two weeks, which will be an awesome time hanging out with my brothers and sisters in Christ, having fun and worshipping God together. I am also co-leading the children’s and youth work for it so I’m well into the planning and preparation stage and, to give you fair warning, will be more erratic than usual when it come to posting in the next couple of weeks. There is an upside: I will blog the church weekend when it’s all over and done (and I’ve fully recovered).

My problem with Daniel…

He’s great

and so are his friends…

…and so we never get past chapter six!
Daniel, Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego are fantastic examples of godly living, of standing up for what you believe in, of faithfulness, bravery, putting your relationship  with God first, speaking the truth and it doesn’t hurt that they are young and handsome either! I’m as guilty of it as anyone here (in fact I’ve ignored Rach, Shach and Benny) but I have dreams of writing children’s materials on  chapters 7 through 12 explaining the various beasts and introducing the Son of Man and the Ancient of Days! Maybe one day – not soon but one day…