Another parable

The Power of Stories

to change people’s lives

I was a visitor in a small village church this Sunday and something said in the sermon struck me: about the terrorist attack in Manchester last week the vicar asked, ‘What was this young man’s story that lead him to this point?’ That was not something I had considered before, but how did he become radicalised? At what point had he decided that this was to be his path?

What difference does the gospel make to people’s stories? We never know the ‘what ifs’ but what if someone had shared the gospel with him? What if he had met the risen Lord Jesus? What if I hadn’t become a Christian – what might my life look like?

We make massive changes in people’s lives when we share God’s good news with them. Whether it is our friends and family, the children and youth that we teach, or a stranger who we took the opportunity to talk to. Jesus had among his twelve closest disciples Simon the Zealot who fought against the Roman government: his chosen messenger to the gentiles was Saul, a man whose religious beliefs led him to persecute others. We know Jesus changed their stories and the stories of countless others. Let’s pray for him to continue to do so.

I’ve added another parable: The Rich Fool. Someone who did not let God change his story and never even considered the possibility. I don’t want that to be anyone I know so hard as it is, Lord, would I be courageous enough to give everyone I know the chance to hear of you and to make their decision. Amen


More Parables

Things that are lost and found

And heavenly parties: lots of them!

I really love planning a party! Usually more than I enjoy actually being at said party. However, celebrating with Jesus when someone else comes and joins the family is one set of parties I’m really looking forward too (assuming that Jesus doesn’t come back first and we skip straight to the wedding feast – aka BEST PARTY EVER!)

Here’s the Lost Coin and the Lost Sheep – an explanation of how helpless we are in our lostness and just how much we’re loved! I’m praying that the children we teach might soon be the cause of another heavenly party as they put their trust in Jesus!


Dealing with Exam Stress

and more on Parables

So exam stress first: GCSEs started this week which means plenty of stressed out teenagers. Here‘s a study that aims to put exams in their proper place with a bit of Biblical perspective.

I’ve also updated the parables I posted last week. They now have a full complement of games, talk, prayer and songs to go with the dramas I put up already.

Subscribe if you like them as there will be more parables in the coming weeks; and more studies for youth looking at living as a disciple of Jesus in a fallen world.

New Series


First told by Jesus; retold by me

The audience has changed – the meaning has not.

We’re kicking it off with a bit of material on the Good Samaritan and the Pharisee and the Tax Collector: find it here.

There will be more later on but next week with GCSEs imminent and A levels not far behind; I’ll be posting some Exam Stress tips for your youth.

Watch this space…

The Discouraged Sunday School Blog

Well, it’s been a long time…

Sorry about that!

I stopped posting because Christmas was a bit busy.

Then I thought I’d start again at New Year, but when I’d missed that deadline it got awkward.

Then I thought that maybe I should re-start with some Easter stuff. Post something Lenty just before Lent then my large pile of Easter things during Lent itself.

But there wasn’t anyone who was crying out for Sunday School bits and pieces.

All the Sunday School teachers I know are more than competent. The Youth Workers I meet are full of great ideas. There is fantastic, comprehensive material being produced by Scripture Union, The Good Book Company, these guys and many others.

So what was the point?  Who actually needed a badly organised blog with a mixture of kids work, youth work and my own ramblings? Honestly, not anyone.
(And I felt super awkward after not having posted for so long!)


I’m a competent Sunday School teacher who sometimes looks things up online to get me started.

I’m an occaisional children’s worker who has excellent and skilled crafters, organisers and teachers around me whose help I need to get things done.

I’m a youth worker who’s full of ideas but works full time and has a social life and often wants something that I can just adapt rather than start from scratch.

So here, whether anyone needs it or not, is

The Disorganised Sunday School Blog

Where I’ll be posting my ideas, plans, dramas, powerpoints, talks, crafts, as near to once a week as I can make it.

Where I can ramble about my thoughts on SEN, children, church, teaching, culture etc. as a way of organising them for myself and encouraging others to share.

Where I can take a break from blogging when I need to without having to feel guilty and can restart without feeling awkward.

I hope there is something here you find useful.