Exciting opportunites

For your youth and their understanding of the gospel Not my snappiest title ever - but it's true (if you live in England) because REBOOT is back in London. We took a joint youth group trip down last year and loved it - despite 3 hours of train travel! They gave us doughnuts, water, sweets, … Continue reading Exciting opportunites


A whole heap of things…

...is an accurate description of what I'm supposed to be doing... ...and what's in this blog post. Apologies for not posting earlier this week: we're moving house (to a different continent!) and are spending the summer holidays packing, organising, getting rid of things,  visiting friends and family, having visitors, throwing parties, throwing away junk and … Continue reading A whole heap of things…

More Youth Work

Philemon: Onesies and gospel centered living I just can't say Onesimus. Is it On-ee-see-muss? Won-si-muss? On-eh-si-muss? None of the above. So I've settled for Onesies (Won-sees). I'll also refer to Philemon as Phil because File doesn't sound like a real name. So, two studies on Philemon. It's one of my favourites as there was an … Continue reading More Youth Work