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Onesies and gospel centered living

I just can’t say Onesimus. Is it On-ee-see-muss? Won-si-muss? On-eh-si-muss? None of the above. So I’ve settled for Onesies (Won-sees). I’ll also refer to Philemon as Phil because File doesn’t sound like a real name.

So, two studies on Philemon. It’s one of my favourites as there was an ‘Oh, that’s so much better than I thought!’ moment for me when reading this. It’s not just about church politics, or how Paul and Phil’s lives are shaped by the gospel. But about how the gospel itself is reflected in their actions. It’s a living metaphor for the rescue of every Christian bought back from certain punishment to a loving relationship with God. It’s so excellent!

Why not get your youth group to wear their onesies as you study it? – it’s not so long since the onesie craze; I bet most of them still own them.


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