Toddler groups

Let the little children come to me and also mums, dads, grandparents, nannies, care-givers ... I have way more experience of toddler groups than is probably normal for a thirty-year old non-parent. I've helped run two different ones and regularly gone to two more as well as helping out with some 'spin-off' ministries. They are … Continue reading Toddler groups


New Series!

As promised The 10 commandments are here Find an introduction to the ten commandments,  plus commandments one and two right here. Obviously there's more to come. I really enjoyed both planning and teaching these: it is hard to get that balance between obeying God yet not being legalistic about it and our personalities probably draw … Continue reading New Series!

Coming soon…

The 10 Commandments In just 11 sessions Prepare to be amazed by the character of God! Watch the trickiest balancing act in the world: On the one side 'obedience to God is great' and on the other 'Christianity is faith not works'. Marvel at the mysterious eleventh session. See 'Do not commit adultery' made relevant … Continue reading Coming soon…