Why Sunday School?

I’m using Sunday School throughout this blog to refer to any Christian activity run for children between 4 and 11. That includes Sunday morning activities, after school clubs, holiday clubs, family services, funday activities, fetes, nativities etc. Anything aimed at over 11’s comes under our Youth Work heading.

The aim of every activity is to see kids and young people put their faith in Jesus. This will necessarily include teaching them from the Bible, answering questions, having fun and showing the love of God in your life.

Where does all this come from?


I’ve been working with kids in Christian groups ever since I turned 18 and stopped being one myself. I did a year of drama and discipleship training with Riverside Performing Arts in 2005, which included leading assemblies, drama workshops, RE lessons and family services alongside doing youth work at Riverside Church.

Then I became a trainee with Alverstoke Evangelical Church for two years doing mostly youth and children’s work in the church and with local schools, other churches, on camps and beach missions. As well as learning on the job from the fantastic other leaders I had theology training and attended a few conferences.

Eventually I went to university where I joined Woodstock Road Baptist Church and started working with the children there. I taught Sunday School for the 6-8 year olds, ran a monthly two hour kids club for 4-9 year olds and a youth group for 10 and 11’s.

More recently I’ve moved to Chicago, where church culture and the way people think about Christianity is a bit different. Fortunately I found Holy Trinity Church after three days in the US and have a new church family here. I started helping out by writing sermon sheets for 9-11 year olds and launching a playgroup for pre-schoolers and their caregivers. I’m now part of the children’s work leadership team which means I get to do more writing as well as teaching.

As you can imagine I’ve amassed a great deal of Sunday School material over the years and it seems reasonable to share it around so that other disorganised Sunday School teachers can use it too.


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