How to…

…use this site

More than just Sunday School

There is more to running a Sunday School or a kids club than just planning half an hours worth of quality stuff. Kids will always ask awkward questions. Sometimes they get that from their parents. Things will go wrong. You will need a break. The ‘How to…’ section of this blog will cover the things about leading a Sunday School that are not about the Sunday School. (Don’t Panic! Where the ‘…’ is not covered by my experience, I’ll ask someone else to write rather than make stuff up.) Just browse until you see the ‘How to …’ you need and if it’s not there ask for it:


For your Sunday School

The idea of the pick ‘n’ mix approach is that each Sunday School lesson will have a wide variety of activities from which you can choose the ones that suit your kids, location and time available. Head on over to Sunday School Stuff to check them out. Or use the tags to find games, dramas, talks, songs and more!

How to…

…get kids to act.
…make an edible resurrection garden.
…include hearing impaired children.
…pray with kids.
…include visually impaired children.
…help an anxious child.
…make things a bit easier for a child with autism.
…start a pre-school playgroup.