All age services

I have been thinking for a while about how to better include children and young people in church services.  These thoughts particularly apply to ‘All-Age’ or ‘Family Services’ where the kids stay in instead of going to Sunday School. But there’s no reason that they shouldn’t be included, where appropriate, in every service.

Just as a body, though one, has many parts, but all its many parts form one body, so it is with Christ.

None of these are to be read as prescriptive, they are merely opportunities that we have to serve our young people and include them as useful members of the body of Christ within the local church.

I had, unsurprisingly, too many thoughts to be readable in just one page so I’ve divided ‘things you would have in your service’ into three areas:

How to engage children and youth with the teaching
Includes sermon, Bible reading and videos

How to include all ages in communal worship
Includes songs, prayers and communion

How to encourage young people in serving in a church service
Includes notices, welcoming and practical stuff

Disclaimer: I know, and so do you, that worship extends to all areas of life; that we serve others in listening and engaging in teaching; that prayers count as a practical – the subheadings are hopefully a useful guide not a definition.