How to have a Bright Lights party

Blind Man’s Bluff: Blindfold one child who must then catch others (you may need to limit the play space if they are finding this difficult) and, when they have caught someone, guess who they are before they can take the blindfold off and the named child becomes the next blind man.
Lighthouse: One child is the ‘lighthouse’ at one end of the room another child is blindfolded and, starting from the far end, has to find their way to the lighthouse by following the instructions the ‘lighthouse’ gives. Everybody else gets to make an unmoving obstacle.
Statues by day: Pop on some rocking tunes (see further down this page) and everybody dances in the dark. When the lights come back on – FREEZE! Any one still moving is out.

Biscuit Decorating: You need a pack of plain biscuits, writing icing in bright colours and lots of sprinkles (star-shaped ones are great). Give each child a paper plate they can write their name on to store their biscuits until snack time.
Paper Lantern: Write their names on it before you stick it together.
Stained glass windows: Out of black card create some rectangular frames – A5 is about right (check activities for what to do with the leftover card.) Cut strips of different coloured tissue paper, a couple of centimetres wide is fine, and as long as the longest edge of your frame works well. Use a glue stick to stick and overlap the tissue paper to the frame in any pattern. Trim round the edges with a pair of scissors if necessary, add a piece of wool to the top two corners for hanging.

Biscuits as decorated above; hard-boiled sweets and grapes in a glass bowl with a torch behind them are fun, use a star-shaped cookie cutter to make star-shaped sandwiches (let the kids cut their own on a plate, that way the rest of the sandwich still gets eaten). Lemon cheesecake is one of the brightest tasting foods I can think of. Cut out the centre of cucumber or carrot rounds with a small-star-cookie-cutter; serve the outsides and insides on separate plates.

Love shine a light: Katrina and the Waves
And at last I see the light: Disney’s Tangled
Lights/Starry eyed: Ellie Golding
In the light: DC Talk
My Lighthouse: Rend Collective
Shine: Take That
Everlasting Light: The Black Keys

Name Badges: As you come in use a glitter gel pen to write your name on a star. Tape a safety-pin to the back of each one in advance.
Torch Constellations: Use a big torch (the kind you keep in your car for emergencies) and the black card from the stained glass window craft for this activity.
Sky Lantern: Set one, or a bunch, going as your final activity.
Balloon animals: (If you know someone who can make them!)

Fairy Lights – Lots of them!
Tablecloths for your craft and food tables.
Neon Balloons or Brightly coloured ones