How to make your own Advent Calendar {with FREE Printable}

There are tonnes of ideas for these on the internet – most were too complicated for me. When craftier-then-me individuals suggest making envelopes out of Christmas paper I end up screaming at my laptop – “You can buy them in a shop”, which is oddly the opposite problem to the one I have when I see pancake mixture in a shop and scream at the shelves “You can make it at home!” Here’s an easy pintrest-inspired make-your-own advent calendar tutorial:

Get 25 envelopes
Buy them in a shop,
Scrape together the unused ones from the bottom of your stationery drawer,
Make them,
Re-use envelopes that have been sent to you.

Number each envelope.
You can write on them in colourful felt tips or cut numbers out of old wrapping paper – or the offcuts if you’ve started wrapping already.

Fill each envelope.
With any or all of the following:
An individually wrapped treat
A tree decoration
A match – to light an advent candle
One of these Advent Bible Verses {free printable}
A photo (or name) of a friend or family member to pray for.

Display them.
Hang some string somewhere in your house for a bunting style calendar (hang them in reach and fix the envelopes on with clothes pegs),
Washi tape or blu-tack them to a door (or down the stairs),
Pin them to a cork board.