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A pick ‘n’ mix approach to Sunday School

Every Sunday School is different; it could be the length of a sermon, the whole church service, an hour after school or two hours on a Saturday.

Every Sunday School is different; it could happen in a church hall, a classroom, a lady chapel, a purpose built room (!) or someone’s spare room.

Every Sunday School child is different; they could have Christian parents, Muslim parents, have gone to church all their life, not own a Bible, be a rowdy and energetic boy, be a shy and quiet girl, not be a gender stereotype, have tragedy in their past or their present, enjoy Sunday School, be a Christian, not believe in God, know a lot about the Bible but not have accepted Jesus as their saviour, love singing, love craft, hate drama, love sport…

Here you can choose what suits you Sunday School best. If you’re confident writing a talk but can never think up a craft; just use the craft idea for the passage. If you need a game to wear your children out so they’ll sit and listen; simply use the game ideas. You can use the tags to look for dramas, songs, talks and quizzes or you can search by Bible book below.

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The list will get longer, I promise!