Advent Sunday Scripts

I’m sourcing from wikipedia here so I’d love to know what your advent traditions are – leave a comment. These are inspired by these candeled advent wreaths.
These kind of accounts are obviously fictional, but I’ve endeavoured to make them cover all the salient points while being engaging and, dare I say, charming.


First Sunday is a celebration of the OT ancestors of Christ, the ones who lived in hope of their saviour’s coming. I’ve written this imaginary first person account from Joseph’s point of view looking back at his family tree and continuing their hope for the fulfilment of those early promises.

Second Sunday is sometimes known as Bethlehem as it focuses on that promise that God’s true king is going to come from that town. Here one of Herod’s advisors struggles to with how to tell the current king of Israel that he’s not the real king.

Third Sunday is all about John the Baptist, Christ’s cousin and precursor; apparently associated with joy – so I’ve written this joyful account from the point of view of a very pregnant Elizabeth. There’s plenty of strange things happening but there’s a great deal of happiness too!

Fourth Sunday is all about Mary and her surprising visit from the angel Gabriel. This is a slightly distressed account from her mother who now has to face the shame and scandal of an illegitimate child, a marriage that fails before it’s started and the unbelievable claims of her daughter that this baby is the child of God!