Script: An Unspecified Number of Wise Astronomers From Somewhere East of Israel

Don’t be put off by its less than snappy title, I was having a joke with the guy co-ordinating the music for our carol service one year about the inaccuracies in certain popular carols. This script got written because he included We Three Kings of Orient are in the running order anyway!

N2: You know it was an extremely long journey – it might have taken them as much as two years to get to Jerusalem.
The group continues to walk but in slow motion.
N1: And when they eventually arrived they asked Herod
K1: Where is the one who has been born King of the Jews?
K2: We saw his star in the east and have come to worship him.
N1: This worried King Herod who called on his own wise men …or astronomers to…
N2: No, no, no. These wise men would have been priests and Bible scholars.
N1: … to find out where the baby was to be born.
The advisor whips out a Bishops Mitre or similar to wear and studies a scroll.
A: It says ‘The baby will be born in Bethlehem.’
N2: It was Isaiah who said that.
A: (smoothly) According to the prophet Isaiah, as I was about to say.
K1: Then we shall go to Bethlehem

If you like the sound of it just download and off you go: An Unspecified Number of Wise Astronomers from Somewhere East of Israel.