Script: Angel Tours Nativity

Warning! This script involves audience interaction!

This script is designed as an entire carol service including songs so don’t forget to download the Angel Tours songsheet too! Introducing the Archangels Gabriel and Michael:

G: (Singing) Hark! Hark! Haaaaark!
M: Sorry, but what are you doing?
G: I’m singing, I thought it would be a great way to introduce ourselves; these people will instantly be able to tell who we are…
M: But you’re just singing the same word over and over – it doesn’t make any sense.
G: But I’m singing the word ‘hark’, because that’s how people will know we’re angels as in
Both: Hark! The herald angels sing.
M: Okay, how do I explain this? ‘Hark’ isn’t something that the angels sing, it’s an old word that means ‘listen up’ – it’s telling people to listen to the angels as they sing about God sending his king.
G: Oh… Awkward…
M: Why don’t we cover your awkward moment with a little musical number? Everybody let’s sing ‘Hark! The herald angels sing,’

Download the complete script here Angel Tours Nativity and its sing-a-long sheet here Angel Tours Nativity Songsheet.