Script: Christmas King

This is a little story theatre script. Unlike the other Christmas scripts on this site lines haven’t been given to certain characters they’re there for anyone to say. This can then be performed by one person or a whole Sunday School.
Here’s how it starts:

A long
Time ago
In a far, far away land
God promised His people Israel
That they would have a king (Three cheers for the king)
This king was no ordinary king
This king would be a hero (Ba Bada Ba Ba Baaaah)
This king would save not just Israel but people from all over the world
This king would be no ordinary king
He wouldn’t live in a palace
But in a stable

Each line needs a different action associated with it. For instance every time you say ‘no ordinary king’ you  can wag your finger from side-to-side or put on a crown. For ‘all over the world’ you mime a giant circle and when you ‘decorate the Christmas tree’ you stand someone in the middle as the tree and add sparkles by opening and closing your fists. Kids are great at thinking outside the box to come up with imaginative and creative actions!

Have fun and download the word document here: Christmas King