Script: Don’t Miss Christmas

This script is broken up into acts that cover different events in the nativity and there’s no need to perform all of them (except the last one you should definitely perform the last one!) You can either have a relevant song between each act; have them all together or just use the section that is most applicable to the sermon. The last act (which I’m keen for you to include) is a gentle reminder that in the hustle and bustle of life we too can miss out on the point of Christmas…

Josh: (Opens door) What do you want?
Joe: Josh! It’s Joseph, we’ve travelled a long way for the census and wondered if we could stay…
Josh: You and the rest of David’s line, mate. We’re stuffed, we’ve got grandma, Uncle Abe, Cousin Moses, Aunt Sarah and they’ve all brought the kids. You’ll have to find somewhere else mate, we’ve not got a bed to spare.
Joe: But Mary’s going to have her baby really soon.
Josh: Sorry mate, we haven’t got the space especially for that kind of thing.
Mary: It’s just that this is a special baby, an angel came and told me…
Josh: Look love, its chaos in here. Best I can do is put you with the animals.
Mary: With the animals! But the baby might come tonight!

Download all the acts here: Don’t miss Christmas