Script: In the Same Country

By Trevor Fletcher

I adore the concept of this script. What if the angel hadn’t appeared just to the shepherds but to accountants, lawyers and advertising executives also? Here is a quick taster:

Narrator: When the angels had left them and gone into heaven, the advertising executives said to one another,
Executive 1: A Saviour, eh? Interesting!
Executive 2: Could be big if it’s handled right.
Executive 3: Television! We could go for prime time slots on all the big shows!
Executive 1: The internet! A really slick website!
Executive 2: National and international news coverage!
Executive 3: We could have his face in every office and every living room within days!
Executive 1: Just one small problem.
Execs 2 & 3: What’s that?
Executive 1: This is Roman Judea – no television, no internet, no newspapers to speak of – only the odd local scroll.
Executive 2: Not going to work is it?
Executive 1: No, just not practical in marketing terms. The timing’s just not right
Executive 3: Tell you what – let’s call that shiny bloke back and tell him to put the whole thing off for another couple of thousand years – they’ll be much better equipped by then to handle this sort of campaign.

Contact if you’re wanting to perform this script and download the full thing here: In the Same Country