Script: The Adventures of Dr Luke

The full title of this play is technically Dr Luke and the Mysterious Events in Jerusalem. Originally scripted for filming, as we couldn’t get all our 11-14’s in one place and the same time, this would work equally well live. It’s got a tongue-in-cheek attitude to delivering the essential facts of the resurrection through various interviews with people who know what they’re talking about.

Cleopas: When He broke the bread we realised that the mysterious stranger was no stranger at all!
Dr Luke: Who was he?
Jose/Cleo: Jesus of Nazareth!
Josephus: It was like our eyes had been opened, it was Jesus all along but we’d only just realised.
Dr Luke: So what you’re saying is – this Jesus of Nazareth is central to the mysterious events in Jerusalem.
Josephus: Yes, indeed He is. Right, we must be off.
Cleopas: Bye, nice to have met you.
Exit Josephus and Cleopas past camera
Dr Luke: People don’t hang around when the plot doesn’t need them anymore. It seems, Theophilus, we must find out more about this Jesus of Nazareth.
Theo: Perhaps we can even meet Him, Dr Luke!

In addition to the script there is also a powerpoint of backgrounds in the order they appear and another of cheap and cheesy titles. Enjoy!