John: Jesus meets humanity (The Word became flesh)

In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God… The Word became flesh and made his dwelling among us.

What is the earliest thing you can remember? Can you remember what you had for breakfast? Can you remember what you were doing last week? Last year? Who remembers their first birthday? Who remembers before they were born?
No-one remembers because there wasn’t a ‘you’ before you were born. But Jesus remembers a time before he was born: he remembers a time before anyone called him Jesus… a time when he was called … the Word!

Game: 5 Tree
The children will spread themselves around the room; a leader calls out a number ‘5’ and an object ‘tree’ the kids then form a group of 5 (or nearest number possible) and use their bodies to make one tree. For littler kids you can put them in groups and leave the number element out of it.
Here are some things related to today’s story:
Perfume bottle
Treasure chest

Game: Shepherd, shepherd, sheep!
(Like duck, duck, goose!) Sit in a circle and one person walks round tapping the others gently(!) on the head as they pass, each time they tap they say ‘shepherd’. On at least one person’s head they must say ‘sheep’ and the sheep and tapper must run round the circle, whoever gets back to the vacated gap first sits there and the person left ‘taps’ the next round.

Memory Verse:
If you are doing the Jesus meets… series, this session is a good one to introduce the whole memory verse John 1:10-14. If you want a one-off MV try John 1:1 instead.

Although this series is working through John, our dramas for this session actually come from Matthew and Luke and tell of some of the first humans the newly human Jesus encounters.
Jesus meets The Shepherds (At the end of the main script two sections are repeated. That’s so the angels and Mary and Joseph can each have a print out of their parts without having to print all the sections they’re not in. Just delete them if you don’t want that.)
Jesus meets The Wise Men

If you’d prefer a full talk rather than the notes below please download the Talk.
Who has a nickname?
Names Jesus was given – Jesus (God saves), Saviour, Messiah/Christ (God’s chosen one), Lord (used for God himself) and John’s nickname; THE WORD.
The Word was God! John 1:1
Wise Men’s presents; Gold for a king, incense for a priest, myrrh for a death.
Christmas is about God coming to live with us (Immanuel) The Word became flesh. John 1:14
Too good to be true? or is the truth is stranger than fiction?!
Called Jesus because God has a plan to rescue us.
Loads of people met Jesus; the shepherds and wise men accept him and Herod rejects him. Luke 2:1-21 and Matthew 2:1-12
Remember that Christmas is about more than a baby but God becoming a man to rescue you!

Christmas Quiz

Jesus Saves – Colin Buchanan: King of Christmas
Jesus Rocks the World – Colin Buchanan: Jesus Rocks the World
(Don’t own them? Get them and many other excellent kids songs from here)

Person outlinePrayer:
If you’re doing the whole series of Jesus meets…  cutting out a string of 10 people and writing a name of someone on each is a helpful way to keep track. You may want to keep the string until the end if your kids are regular attenders so that they don’t get lost. Fold a long strip of paper like a fan 10 times; cut round this outline or draw a person freehand. Make sure their hands touch the fold of the paper on both sides!
This session pray for someone who needs to hear about Jesus (a friend or family member, a group of people i.e in North Korea, people who are lonely etc.) write their name on the first person of your string.