John: Jesus meets Martha

Jesus said to her, ‘I am the Resurrection and the Life, anyone believes in me will live, even if they die’

Have you ever found out something about someone that has completely changed the way you think about them?
Jesus meets a friend in sad circumstances. Martha is someone who he’s met before and stayed with and knows her family. But what she finds out about him will change her life forever.

Game: Captain’s Coming (Lazarus style)
This is a variation of Captain’s coming where a leader calls out nautical phrases each of which have an action associated with them. The twist here is that all the phrases have to do with this event:
Dead Lazerus: Lie down
Weeping women: In a group crying
Living Lazerus: Jump
Rolling the stone: Lie down and roll
Bethany: Run to one end of the room
Jerusalem: Run to the other end of the room

Game: Stuck in the tomb
Run around! One person is ‘it’ anyone they touch is dead and has to lie on the floor in the same place. They can be rescued by anyone calling ‘Name. Come out!’

Memory Verse:
Recap John 1:10-14 if you’ve been keeping up with them or try 11:25 with this Memory verse powerpoint to help remember the words.

Jesus meets Martha

Create some sketches based on either the confused funeral planners (the one my 9-10 year olds came up with was absolutely hilarious) or a TV interview with the resurrected Lazarus.

There are notes below or you can download a full Talk here.
Jesus decides not to rush to see Lazarus before he dies because he knows he will see him again in spite of this. He also knows it’s dangerous but goes anyway. (11:1-16)
Lazarus is dead. But Jesus tells Martha that he is the resurrection and the life and that people who trust him will never die. (11:17-12)
Jesus weeps outside the tomb Why is he sad? (11:28-37)
Jesus brings Lazarus back to life. (11:38-44)
Martha was right to say Jesus had the power to bring life, many others believed it too but some, including some very religious people hate Jesus for it because if he does have that power their lives will have to change. (11:45-53)
Who will you choose to be like?

Activity: Game
Lazarus in the tomb. It’s exactly the same as sleeping lions except instead of being umm… sleeping lions they are Lazarus dead in the tomb and obviously he can’t move… or can he?

My God is so big – (I couldn’t find who originally wrote this, there are definitely a few excellent recordings of it around if you don’t already have it)
Any other song from this series.

Person outlinePrayer:
If you’re doing the whole series of Jesus meets…  cutting out a string of 10 people and writing a name of someone on each is a helpful way to keep track. You may want to keep the string until the end if your kids are regular attenders so that they don’t get lost. Fold a long strip of paper like a fan 10 times; cut round this outline or draw a person freehand. Make sure their hands touch the fold of the paper on both sides!
This session pray for someone who is ill. Jesus who has the power to bring people from death to life can also bring ill people back to health. As Jesus did thank the Father for listening to our prayers. (You may want to say that Jesus waited before going to see Lazarus and that he might wait to answer our prayers; but that even if Jesus waits until they die every ill or injured person who trusts God will live with him in his perfect kingdom forever.)