John: Jesus meets Pilate

Jesus answered, ‘You say that I am a king. In fact, the reason I was born and came into the world is to testify to the truth. Everyone on the side of truth listens to me.’

Everybody we’ve met so far has decided to follow Jesus. Today we will see Jesus meet a very important official and how he reacts to Jesus.

Game: Follow the leader
The children form a line they have to copy what the person in front of them is doing. Kids should take turns to be the leader and choose a variety of different actions (hopping, spinning, jumping, crawling, walking, clapping etc.)

Game: Pilate says
Just like Simon says only it’s Pilate who everyone listens to in ancient Judea! A leader must call out instructions, such as: Pilate says stand on one leg, Pilate says jump up and down, Pilate says put both hands on your head, lie on the floor, Pilate says wiggle your fingers… When they say ‘Pilate says’ before an instructions all the kids must follow it when they don’t say it the instruction should not be followed. In the above scenario the children should have done everything except lie on the floor.

Memory Verse:
John 11:40 ‘Then Jesus said “Did I not tell you that if you believe, you will see the glory of God.” Print it out in different colours and put the kids in small teams. They have to spot their colour and collect them then put the memory verse together.

Jesus meets Pilate

Read through the account of the crucifixion pick a person and have them tell a friend how they felt (or a Gospel writer if you want to link them together).
You can use Graham Kennedy’s excellent picture of the crowd to inspire you. Just click on the picture for the high quality version.

Pilate is the first person we’ve met who didn’t choose to follow Jesus.(18:28 – 19:16)
Even though he says he knows the truth and knows Jesus is innocent (18:38 & 19:4) he ignores the truth (18:38) and lets Jesus be killed (19:16).
He wanted to please the crowd instead of doing what was right (19:12).
When Pilot washed his hands he thought he’d be safe from judgement because he hadn’t actively decided to kill Jesus. But if you are not on Jesus’ side, then you are on the other side (refer to Pilot’s wife’s dream – Pilot guilty even though only passive, not doing anything actively wrong).

Activity:True or False
If they think the answer is True they need to run to one side of the room if they think it is False then they run to the other. Or if your kids are quieter have some statements they can tick. For really little kids you might want to have a set of animal pictures and see if they can spot the photoshopped ones (google photoshopped animals) and which are true animals.

He died upon the Cross – Colin Buchanan: Boss of the Cross
I’m following the King – Emu music: Meet the King
(Colin Buchanan’s collection of cross themed songs and buy Meet the King)

Person outlinePrayer:
If you’re doing the whole series of Jesus meets…  cutting out a string of 10 people and writing a name of someone on each is a helpful way to keep track. You may want to keep the string until the end if your kids are regular attenders so that they don’t get lost. Fold a long strip of paper like a fan 10 times; cut round this outline or draw a person freehand. Make sure their hands touch the fold of the paper on both sides!
This session pray for someone who is asking questions. It could be themselves, a friend, someone in their family. Encourage them to pray for answers to specific questions – God may choose to answer their prayers through you!