John: Jesus meets the Samaritan woman

Jesus answered, ‘Everyone who drinks this water will be thirsty again, but whoever drinks the water I give them will never thirst. indeed the water I give them will ecome in them a spring of water welling up to eternal life.’

Who would you never speak to? Is it someone in the other class at school or is it someone in a different school? Is it someone who supports [insert name of rival football team]? Well when Jesus was on earth a Jew like Jesus would have never, ever, ever have spoken to a Samaritan. The Jews really hated them but Jesus wasn’t like that. He didn’t mind where people came from he just wanted them to know how to be friends with God.

Game: I have never…
Have one child in the middle of a circle who must think of something they have never done. Everyone else who has also never done this must swap places and the person in the middle will try and sit down. Whoever is left without a seat is the next person to think of what they’ve never done. (For older children have them swap places if they have done what the person in the middle has never done.) Some helpful questions to ask kids whose minds have gone blank:
Have you broken any bones?
What country haven’t you been to? (With suggestions if necessary)
Is there something you haven’t eaten?
Which school do you go to? Now name a different school you’ve never been to?

Game: Stuck in the mud
Run around! One person is ‘it’ anyone they touch gets stuck and has to stay in the same place with their arms out and legs apart. They can be rescued by a saviour who has to crawl in between their legs or run under their arms. (Choose an option ased on the physical ability of the group/relative sizes of children/how many of them are wearing skirts.)

Memory Verse:
As part of the Jesus meets … series learn John 1:12. Play pass the parcel with the whole verse wrapped up in the middle and one or two words from it wrapped up in each letter. When the music stops and they unwrap their layer they have to read the words aloud and try and put them in the right order.
If you want a stand alone verse try John 4:14. Learn it and decorate a plastic cup with it so they can see it everytime they drink!

Jesus meets the Samaritan Woman. I called her Samantha because that made sense but you change that to be no name or be more culturally appropriate. Download Sam’s Story in interview form.
We got an Australian church member in to act out Samantha for us. We thought her accent in a British church would mark her out as ‘not from around here’, but any accent would do!

Create some sketches based on what the Samaritan woman would have said to the men she told about Jesus. What would she say to them? How would they react?
Some starting points:
Butcher, baker, candlestick-maker, tinker, tailor, soldier, etc.

If you’d prefer a full talk rather than the notes below please download the Talk.
How is living water different to normal water? 1) if you drink it you’ll never be thirsty again 2) it grows inside you. (4:10-14)
Living water means knowing God. It’ll mean you’re not thirsty again because God provides evrything we need. (Matt 7:7-11)
It grows inside you: it will never run out. Eternal means forever.
What do you want? Everything else but God will disapear in the end. (Matt 6:19-20)
You don’t have to be a special type of person to be a friend of God. You just have to truly believe that Jesus is the one God sent to save us. (4:21-26)

Write a postcard from one of the people Jesus met. The shepherds, the wise men, Philip, Nathanael, Nicodemus, the Samaritan woman.

Super Saviour- Colin Buchanan: Super Saviour
Any song you’ve done before.
(Don’t own it? Get it and many other excellent kids songs from here)

Person outlinePrayer:
If you’re doing the whole series of Jesus meets…  cutting out a string of 10 people and writing a name of someone on each is a helpful way to keep track. You may want to keep the string until the end if your kids are regular attenders so that they don’t get lost. Fold a long strip of paper like a fan 10 times; cut round this outline or draw a person freehand. Make sure their hands touch the fold of the paper on both sides!
This session pray for someone who is an outsider: someone new in school or church, the kid who doesn’t have any friends, the refugees settling into new countries.