New Creation: 2 Corinthians 5:17

What new stuff have you done this year? What will be new next year? You could ask these questions as part of an introduction before bulldog, if you play that, which will help you to think of ideas for what to say, or at the beginning of the talk.

Game: Bulldog
1 person stands in the middle to catch people as they run across. Kids may run across the room if what is said is true of them, if they get to the other side they are safe but if they are touched by someone in the middle they will join them to help catch people next time.
Ideas for new things to say:
Run if you have new shoes;
Run if you have a new baby brother or sister;
… new clothes;
… you’re moving to a new class;
… new glasses;
… new toys;
… new house;
… you will try a new food this year etc.
for younger children it’s probably easiest to say ‘if you already have these things then run’ for older Children you could vary it between new things they have and new things that are going to happen in the new year.

Memory Verse:
Use the 2 Cor 5v17 sheet to help people learn the memory verse. Cut each outline into head, body, right arm, left arm, right leg, left leg and ask them to construct a person from it. Or make it into a game by giving them a dice and they have to roll a 1 for a head, 2 for the body etc. if they roll a 6 they can choose a body part; who will be able to make it the quickest.

Talk about some of the new things that will happen in the next year. With older kids you could talk about new years resolutions.
Being a new creation/a new person 2 Cor 5:17 Why is this a good thing?
Paul before: Philipians 3:4-6 and Acts 9:1&2.
What happened to make Paul change? He met Jesus. Acts 9:3-18
Paul is a new person. Jesus has dealt with his sin and he has the Holy Spirit so it’s no longer all on his effort to be good. No longer persecuting but encouraging Christians.
We can all be changed like Paul too.
If you’d prefer a written out talk rather than notes please download the new beginnings talk.