Jesus is the new and better… Daniel

Now I, Nebuchadnezzar, praise and exalt and glorify the King of heaven, because everything he does is right and all his ways are just.

What is the scariest thing you can imagine being locked in a room with? We’re going to hear about someone who knew they would be locked in a room with something very scary indeed but they didn’t try to hide or run away. Instead they kept living the life God wanted no matter how scary it got because they knew being on his side was the most important thing.

Game: Simon Says
A leader must call out instructions, such as: Simon says stand on one leg, Simon says jump up and down, Simon says put both hands on your head, lie on the floor, Simon says wiggle your fingers… When they say ‘Pilate says’ before an instructions all the kids must follow it when they don’t say it the instruction should not be followed. In the above scenario the children should have done everything except lie on the floor.

Game: Captain’s coming
A leader calls out a word that has an action attached to it, all the kids must perform the right action or they are out. Jerusalem, Babylon (run to opposite ends of the room), pray three times a day (kneel down), statues (stand still), dreaming (lie down), hungry lions (roar), growing rock (curl up small and then stand up with arms and legs stretched out).

Memory Verse:
Make a heart shape for Proverbs 3:6

Freeze Frames for the more familiar Daniel in the lions’ den and a short drama about King Neb’s dream.

God is the real hero talk.

Draw pictures to fit the captions from Daniel 5

All through History – Nick and Becky Drake: Big Family of God
(You can buy it here and they’ve helpfully come up with their own actions in this video)
God speaks – Dr Rocktrin and the Groovemeisters: Get Ready

Worship the God who rescues
Own up for the times you have disobeyed and done things you know he doesn’t want.
Thank him for making a way (through Jesus) for you to be rescued
Ask him for help to trust him like Daniel and Jesus did