Jesus is the new and better… Joseph

You intended to harm me, but God intended it for good to accomplish what is now being done, the saving of many lives.

So far we’ve seen Jesus as the one who brings life, the one who rescues and the one who is the sacrifice in our place. Today we’re going to look at someone who is a lot like Jesus (but not as good, of course).

Game: Bulldog
The children run from one side of the room to the other without getting caught by the person in the middle, if they get caught they become a catcher in the next round. Children can must run when you say a colour and clothing item the children are wearing i.e. yellow socks, red hat, green gloves, technicolour dreamcoat!

Game: Barn filling
Fill a big pan with uncooked rice and put it at one end of the room. At the other end put some empty drinks bottles (they will all need to be the same size, we used 2 litre ones). In teams the kids must get rice from the  pan into their bottle, (using either a cup or just their hands) whoever has the most rice in their bottle at the end of the time limit wins. It’s a good idea to put the bottles on trays and play this game on a sweepable floor.

Memory Verse:
Genesis 50:20 Get the kids to make up actions to help them remember the words – Warn them that harm has to be a representation – they can’t do anything to hurt themselves or any one else.

Four sketches for this week
Sketch 1 The most beloved son (Gen 37:3)
Sketch 2 The suffering servant (Gen 39:1)
Sketch 3 The innocent punished (Gen 39: 6-20)
Sketch 4 The right hand man (Gen 41:41-52)

This Talk recaps the life of Joseph (as seen in the dramas above) and then compares Jesus’ life – you’ll see the similarity but also just how far Jesus was willing to go for us!

This one is a craft activity and memory verse crossover. Make an ornate coat like Joseph’s that opens up to reveal the memory verse. Instructions and template here.

All Through History – Nicky and Becky Drake: Big Family of God
Super Saviour – Colin Buchanan: Super Saviour

Worship God who turns bad things into good
Own up for the times you have done things to hurt other people
Thank God for sending his best love Son to suffer and die in your place
Ask that he would help you to trust him when our lives are difficult.