Jesus is the new and better… Sacrifice

‘God himself will provide the lamb for the burnt offering, my son.’

We’ve seen how Jesus came to bring people who (ever since Adam) had been enemies of God back to him. We’ve seen how (just like the Ark) God gave Jesus as a way people  could be rescued from his anger. Today we’ll see just how Jesus is like a trusting man, a willing son and a sheep that got stuck in a bush.

Game: Substitute Tag
One person is it, anyone they tag must go to prison (make a well defined area in your room) and are out of the game. If everybody is in prison the ‘it’ wins. However, everybody in prison can be set free if one untagged person goes to prison, they yell ‘go free’ so that everyone knows but that person must stay in prison. They can be set free if someone else untagged takes their place.

Game: Sheep hunt
Take it in turns to hide a toy sheep, as the children hunt for it the ‘hider’ must ‘baa’ loudly when someone is near the hidden sheep.

Memory Verse:  shapes-clip-art-Numbers-and-shapes-Heart-250273
1 John 4:10 Write it on a heart shape with ‘This is love: not that we loved God but…’ on one side and ‘that he loved us and sent his Son as an atoning sacrifice for our sins’ when you flip it over.

Two sketches this time; one on Isaac’s birth to show how much he meant to Abe and one telling the events of the Sacrifice.

Here’s my Teaching on the passage and how you find Jesus in it.

Make a story wheel: each kid will need two card circles (you can use plain paper plates), one with a slice cut out and the other with six pictures on: join the two circles together with a split pin in the middle and spin the top one round to reveal the next part of the story. Story wheel
1. Abraham and Sarah have a baby
2. God tells Abraham to sacrifice Isaac
3. Abraham and Isaac climb the mountain
4. Abraham raises the knife
5. God tells him to stop
6. They see a ram caught in the thickets
This idea is from Chris Nixon, my lovely and imaginative craft genius, who comes up with brilliant ideas and spends many hours of her life cutting, drawing and sticking them in preparation. The idea is all Chris but the illustrations for this are mine.

What a man Abraham – Emu music:The King, The Snake and The Promise

Worship the God who always has a plan to save!
Own up for not living God’s way
Thanks for giving up your son to die instead of me
Ask that Jesus will take your sins away/ask that he will help you live God’s way.