The Lost Sheep and the Lost Coin

 I tell you, there is rejoicing in the presence of the angels of God over one sinner who repents.

Have you ever been lost? What did it feel like? What did it feel like when you were found?

Game: Sheep Hunt
Cut out 100 sheep and number the back (sorry about that!) then hide 99 of them around the church for the kids to find. Here’s ten sheep to a page to get you started.

Game: Lost coin obstacle course
Include a rug they can crawl under, chairs to go under and over, a room to sweep with etc.

Memory verse:
Luke Chapter 19 verse 10.

Two scripts this week: the lost coin designed for the oldest in our 4-11 age group and the lost sheep for the youngest.

What’s the key word in both of the stories Jesus told and in our memory verse? LOST
What gets lost in the stories? Sheep and Coin (easy) Who is lost in the memory verse? (hard). It’s us. We’re lost because our sin has cut us off from God and we can’t find our way back. We can try to be good but we can’t be good enough for God; not ever!
What did the coin and the sheep do to get back to God? What a silly question! The coin and the sheep didn’t do anything. The woman and the shepherd came looking for them and didn’t stop looking until they’d found them. In the same way God comes looking for us – he becomes a human being, Jesus, and goes as far as dying on the cross to save us.
You are lost, but God is looking for you. All you need to do is say to God that you are sorry that your sin has broken your friendship and yes, you’d like Jesus to rescue you.
At the end of both the coin story and  the sheep story what happens? There is a party! And Jesus says God is soooo happy to have anyone come to him that he and his angels throw a party in heaven. That’s how much he wants to be friends with you.

Here’s a slightly sheepish wordsearch.
Worksheet 1

So Great is Jesus’ Love – Dr Rocktrin and the Groovemeisters: God Unlimited
I have a great aerobics-y song of Luke Chapter 19 verse 10, but unfortunately I don’t know whose it is. If you know it (or another one) please write it in the comments.

Thank God that he comes to look for us. Ask him to forgive you for your sin and to rescue you or if you already have then for a friend to realise they’re lost and need Jesus to rescue them.