Philippians: Acts 16

Saul grew more and more powerful and baffled the Jews … by proving that Jesus is the Messiah.

We’re going to spend the next few session/weeks looking at a letter that’s in the Bible. It’s got loads of excellent stuff in it about how to live like Jesus and why we should believe in him but this week we’re going to find out about the man who wrote it and some of the people he was writing to.

Game: Follow the Leader
Children stand in a long line the child at the front starts to move and everybody else must copy the way and direction they are moving. Suggest skipping, hopping, jumping, crawling, waving arms, walking backwards etc. Make it more exciting by having lots of obstacles in the room.

Game: Name game
Great whenever you have a new group. Stand in a circle, say the name of one of the children then throw them a bean bag, they then say someone else’s name and throw the bean bag to them. This keeps going until it gets back to the leader the bean bag must always be thrown in the same order. Now introduce a different colour bean bag and throw it to someone else – just like last time this bean bag will keep following the same route but it will be a different route. Try it with both bean bags. How many different bean bags can you get going at the same time without getting hopelessly confused.

Memory Verse:
Learn ‘What must I do to be saved?’ ‘Believe in the Lord and you will be saved’ Acts 16:30-31

The jailer is changed by Jesus drama
The slave girl is changed by Jesus drama
These need to come after the talk

This is Paul is a simple powerpoint that shows us how Paul is changed by Jesus.
I followed it up by introducing Lydia (I picked the girl wearing the most purple and added a purple scarf) and read Acts 16:13-15.

Small groups:
Small group questions.

Craft: Make a paper chain (Paul and Silas were in prison) each kid needs 10 strips of paper about an inch and a half (3cm) wide by 20cm (8 inches) long. On each strip write (kids that are capable can do this themselves) part of the memory verse, remind them to leave a bit of space at both ends. Divide it like so What must / I do to / be saved? / Believe / in the / Lord Jesus / and you will / be saved. / Acts 16:30-31. Lay them out in order and glue the ends of the first strip together to make a loop. Then thread the next strip through and glue the ends together; you now have a very short chain. Keep going until the whole verse is chained.

Our God is a great big God – Nigel and Jo Hemmings: Vineyard Records
So Great is Jesus Love – Dr.Rockin and the Groovemeisters: God Unlimited

Lydia and her friends met by the water to pray so fill a pan/roasting dish/washing up bowl with water and sit next to it. Pre-prepare some paper with prayers on such as ‘Thank you God for saving Paul’ ‘God it’s amazing you can change lives’ ‘Please make me more like Jesus’ ‘Thank you for loving all kinds of people’, you can simply make squares and just fold the corners into the middle or if you’re feeling a bit more arty you can make flowers like in this video. Put the paper on top of the water and watch it unfold then pray the prayer you see.