Philippians: Chapter 1

Now I want you to know, brothers and sisters, that what has happened to me has actually served to advance the gospel.

Where did we see Paul go last time? And while he was in Philippi he was thrown in jail.  Well in Paul’s life that was a while ago but he’s in prison again (but a different one this time. Why do you think Paul is in prison again? It’s not because he’s a criminal, it’s simply because the people in charge want to stop him talking about Jesus and he won’t!

Game: Name Game
Stand in a circle with one person in the middle. Pick someone to start by saying someone else’s name they must then say someone else’s name, for instance, You say ‘Haris’ Haris then says ‘Tarun’ who says ‘Darcy’ and Darcy must choose someone else’s name. The person in the middle must try to touch the last person whose name has been said before they say someone else’s name. No-one is allowed to move away to avoid being tagged and anyone who moves or is tagged becomes the new person in the middle.

Game: Bring me
Have a list of things they can be specific i.e. a shoe, vague; something green; or open to debate; something I would wear in my hair. Divide the children into teams, they must nominate a different runner at the beginning of each round. Say ‘bring me [an item on your list] … now’ on ‘now’ each team can search for the item and then the runner brings it to you.

Memory Verse:
Learn ‘What must I do to be saved?’ ‘Believe in the Lord and you will be saved’ Acts 16:30-31

Recap the people in Philippi; if you have dressing up stuff get that out and put the in teams, they can choose one person to be the character and introduce themselves using this Recap powerpoint.

Talk.  Questions and answers in powerpoint format, if you want to use it as it is definitely worth checking that the questions come up before the answers on your computer.

Small groups:
Philippians 1
Print out this wordle of Philippians Chapter 1
What is something that is very important thing to you? How can we tell what’s really important to someone? Have a look at these pictures, they make words that are said the most the biggest: what/who do you think the most important thing to Paul was?  What does the word Christ mean? What does the word gospel mean? What/who is the gospel about? v12-26 How does Paul feel about the gospel and how do you know? v27-30 What are some signs that the gospel changes things? If you want to use a child friendly gospel outline with the kids I recommend Who Will Be King? available online or in little leaflets.

Get the kids in groups  to make their own Gospel presentations. They can draw pictures, use actions, sing a song or simply tell it. Remind them the Gospel is all about Jesus!
(PS If you do these I’d love to see/hear them: comment below and let me know how they went!)

Jesus is Number 1 – Colin Buchanan: Super Saviour

One other thing Paul did in his letter was let the church in Philippi know he was praying for them. On a scroll (wrap some paper around two kebab sticks) write down – as a group or individuals – some one you want to say THANK YOU to God for; someone whose LOVE FOR GOD you want to see keep growing and someone who is living to PRAISE GOD that he would help them!