Philippians: Chapter 2

Then you will shine among them like stars in the sky as you hold firmly to the word of life.

Last time we saw that Paul had written a letter to the church in Philippi. What did he talk about the most? He talked about Jesus the most and particularly the gospel or good news about him. Why did Paul do that? Because he thinks Jesus is the most important thing.

Game: Five Tree
Get the children walking freely around the room. Call out a number and a thing. The children have to get into groups the size of the number you’ve just called out and using their bodies make the thing.  Here are some suggestions:
Two House
Six Boat
Three Chair
One Tree
Four Rocket

Game: Follow the leader
Take it in turns to be at the front of the line, all the kids in line must do whatever the person at the front is doing, whether that is standing , waving, running, jumping, dancing, skipping, hopping, sitting etc. Make it even more exciting by having lots of obstacles in the room.

Memory Verse:
Learn ‘What must I do to be saved?’ ‘Believe in the Lord and you will be saved’ Acts 16:30-31

In small group times discuss how you could be like Jesus in different situations. Then act some of them out.
Alternatively, and especially if your group has low Biblical literacy head over to people Jesus met and pick some short dramas from John’s gospel to show what he is like. The Samaritan Woman, The Man Born Blind and Mary Mag spring to mind for me.

If we’re going to follow someone we need to know what they’re like. For instance if I wanted to be the next Jamie Vardy (footballer) would I take up tennis?! If I wanted to write like JK Rowling (Harry Potter author) should I start by reading Shakespeare? (Obviously you need to insert what ever popular references your kids will get.) So if I want to think and act like Jesus is it a good idea to just guess at what he’s like? Where can I go to find out about him then? In the Bible there are four books written by people who were friends with Jesus or who researched him well and tell us all about his life. If we read them we can learn lots about what Jesus is like and how he acts.
But it’s not enough to know lots about Jesus. If I wanted to be a great dancer I could jump and twirl around my living room but I’d never be very good, to get better I’d need lessons from a teacher and if I was going to be really good I’d want to talk to and learn from someone who is a dancer. How do you think we can learn from others about following Jesus? Come to church/Sunday school/clubs. Talk to and ask question of your leaders and Christians you know. How do you think you can learn from Jesus himself? We can talk to Jesus which we sometimes call praying, and when we read the Bible, if we’re listening, we can hear Jesus talk to us. When you choose to follow Jesus and ask him to rescue you his Holy Spirit comes and lives with you – which is not only amazing to have God living with you, the Holy Spirit is guides us and changes us to make us more like Jesus.

Small groups:
Here are some Small group Questions and a copy of the passage (the one for younger children is not a translation simply me paraphrasing it).

All over the room hide some small pictures of similar things. Ask the kids to hunt for the things that are like each other and bring them back to you when they’ve found a pair. Here are some Like things to get you started.

Jesus is Number 1 – Colin Buchanan: Super Saviour
He died upon the Cross – Colin Buchanan: Practise being Godly

star outline
Get each child to write their name on a star. Have a board or some paper that they can bluetack their star to. Get them to stick their star to the paper and as they do so ask Jesus to help them become more like him. When everybody’s name is up pray for the group.