Philippians: Chapter 4

Rejoice in the Lord always. I will say it again: rejoice!

Use this worksheet to remind the kids of what they’ve learnt from the letter so far.

Game: Mirror Images
One child makes a shape with their body. After everybody has a minute to look they stop. Everybody else has to shut their eyes and from memory mirror the shape child one made. The child that most resembles the shape wins that round. They join the first child meaning that now everyone else has to remember two shapes. They each pick a winner and then everyone has to remember 4 shapes! When the group mirroring is small enough get them to pick just one or two winners per round until there is only one person left who starts the next game.

Game: 123 IN!
Everybody hides except for ‘it’ while ‘it’ is looking the kids have to sneak/run back to ‘the truth’ (a column or chair) if the hiders get back without being tagged they are safe as long as they stay there. If they are tagged they lose that round.

Memory Verse:
Learn ‘What must I do to be saved?’ ‘Believe in the Lord and you will be saved’ Acts 16:30-31

Paul has told us the Gospel is the most important thing, that if we believe it’s true we need to live like Jesus. That we’re not saved by what we do but by what Jesus has done. He just reminded us to Stick firmly to the gospel and stick together, and the last thing he says is – Be Happy! Actually he says 4:4 “Rejoice in the Lord always”. God has come to earth, died in our place and rescued us from our sins so that we don’t have to work our way to him. He gives Christians his Holy Spirit to help us live the way Jesus lived and to help us live together. He gives us things that are right and true and lovely to think about (v8) so be happy about it! Thank God for it! He is excellent! Here’s a slide to accompany this talk.

Small groups:
Stick to the Gospel. In chapter one Paul said the gospel is the most important thing but can you describe what it is? Who is at the centre of the Gospel? 4v1 Paul says we need to ‘stand firm’ or stick to the Gospel what does he mean? Can you think of ways we might get unstuck? Or stick to something else?
Stick together. 4v2 Paul tells 2 women in the Philippian church to agree with each other. Why is it important that Christians stick together? As an example have two people hold onto one thing (i.e. a shoe) then try to walk in to different directions then try to go together. Which works better?

Write or draw a postcard to Paul from someone in Philippi. It could be Lydia, the jailer, Slave girl, Euodia, Syntyche or anyone else. It must include at least one thing you remember from the letter!

Joy – Rend Collective: The Art of Celebration
Maybe you hadn’t realised this but so many Rend songs are actually action songs. I generally pick one word from each line and give it an action – easy peasy! The kids just love them!

Pray with Paul:
To our God and Father be glory for ever and ever. Amen. Write the words on a large piece of paper and decorate (I recommend lots of gold paper) then pray it one at a time or all together! If the idea of glory isn’t one your group gets try the CEV translation instead ‘May God our Father be praised forever and ever. Amen.’