Who will be King?

The gospel of God – the gospel he promised beforehand through his prophets in the Holy Scriptures regarding his Son.

If you make something who has the right to say what happens to it? God made the universe, he knows how it all works from the tiniest atom to the biggest star and the bottom of the ocean to the highest cloud. He made it and knows all of it. He is, quite rightly, its king! And as king he gets to set the rules and say how it works, that the Earth spins so we get day and night, and that it rains to help plants grow so that there is food. He also gets to set the rules about how people live because he made us too. Rules like; don’t hurt other people, look out for each other, take care of the animals and the world you live in and the best thing is he made some rules so that we could be friends with him. That is how God wanted us to live – as best friends with him!

Get the kids to draw a picture inspired by the universe God made. Whose is the picture? Who has the right to say what happens to it? Then rip it up. (Pick a kid who’s not likely to cry and maybe forewarn them that this will happen!)
We want to be our own kings: we all treat God badly and live our lives our way instead of God’s way. Can you think of some ways you have done this? Because God is the only real king one day he will make a magnificent kingdom and everybody who wants to be their own king/live without God will get what they want and be shut out of God’s kingdom forever.

Game: Substitute Tag
One person is it, anyone they tag must go to prison (make a well-defined area in your room) and are out of the game. If everybody is in prison the ‘it’ wins. However, everybody in prison can be set free if one untagged person goes to prison, they yell ‘go free’ so that everyone knows but that person must stay in prison. They can be set free if someone else untagged takes their place.

Introduce this game by talking about how Jesus’ death set us free. He was punished instead of us which means we can go free! Free from being punished, free to choose to live God’s way and free to be friends with God.

Memory Verse:
God didn’t want people to be shut out of his kingdom so he sent his Son to be punished instead of us.  Luke 19:10 The Son of Man has come to seek and to save those who are lost.

God bought Jesus back to life, so that we could all see it was true and now Jesus lives in heaven with God the Father ruling over his people. One day Jesus will come back and invite all the people who believe in him into his amazing kingdom. He will also punish everyone who is still saying no to God. They will be left out of the kingdom

Act out some situations where there is a choice between doing things God’s way or doing things your own way i.e
seeing someone being bullied: tell a teacher/ignore it, get asked to tidy up: do it badly and quickly/do it joyfully and be happy to help.

Small groups:
Talk about how everybody has to make a choice. We all start as enemies of God but we can choose to have Jesus take our punishment and be friends with God?  Do they think this is true? Have they made a personal decision to be friends with God?

He died upon the Cross – Colin Buchanan: Boss of the Cross
Or get inspired by his other cross themed songs.

WOTA prayer
Worship God as the one true king
Own up and say sorry that we want to do things our way
Thank God that he came and took our punishment so that we didn’t have to
Ask God to forgive us.