Fun and Games

With Lootro Games Teaching Biblical literacy through card games Here's a recommendation for families and Sunday Schools alike. I found Lootro Games while looking for pictures to illustrate the God's Rescue Stories for preschoolers. What I found was a series of card games to play using biblical people, objects, animals and even numbers. They look … Continue reading Fun and Games


High days and Holy Days

Holy Week Celebrations Worksheets and colouring and videos; oh my! For Palm Sunday Worksheet on Luke 19v28-44 Jesus Enters Jerusalem for 8-12's but could be adapted Jesus' Triumphal Entry colouring page for up to 7 years old This video for 4-11's God's Story: Palm Sunday And A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Jerusalem … Continue reading High days and Holy Days

Easter Gifts

There's more to Easter than eggs And here are some gifts to help show it  Kids, in my experience, ask a lot of questions. If you know a child between two and 10 you're undoubtably answering a lot of questions - and as frustrating as that can be; it's a fantastic thing! If you find … Continue reading Easter Gifts


Dealing with Exam Stress and more on Parables So exam stress first: GCSEs started this week which means plenty of stressed out teenagers. Here's a study that aims to put exams in their proper place with a bit of Biblical perspective. I've also updated the parables I posted last week. They now have a full … Continue reading Updates: