Don’t pass over Passover

Celebrate it!

How to link Passover to Easter at home or in Sunday School

It’s not a coincidence that Jesus was crucified at passover time – God loves a real life metaphor and the death of a lamb to rescue a son perfectly foreshadows the death of the Lamb to rescue us and make us his sons. It’s his modus operandi.

This page has a few ideas for how to teach and celebrate Passover. Great to add it to your Easter festivities or, of course, when you’re teaching through Exodus.


My problem with Daniel…

He’s great

and so are his friends…

…and so we never get past chapter six!
Daniel, Shadrach, Meshach and Abednego are fantastic examples of godly living, of standing up for what you believe in, of faithfulness, bravery, putting your relationship  with God first, speaking the truth and it doesn’t hurt that they are young and handsome either! I’m as guilty of it as anyone here (in fact I’ve ignored Rach, Shach and Benny) but I have dreams of writing children’s materials on  chapters 7 through 12 explaining the various beasts and introducing the Son of Man and the Ancient of Days! Maybe one day – not soon but one day…

Early in the morning my blog shall rise to thee…

The world is far from perfect

but a far, far better one awaits!

It’s too sunny for me to sleep past five this morning apparently. Yesterday, I made a cake for a friend that collapsed instantly on taking it out the oven. These are two very small problems but, unfortunately, all it takes to make me mopey and miserable. So what a joy that writing up Joshua this morning got me to refocus on a God who calls us to joyful obedience not self-pitying wallowing. On a land which overflows with good things and where the presence of God lights up the world! On a future free from sin! On a rescue that cost sooooooooooooooo much to ensure that this time no-one (not even me) could screw it up.
Onwards to a new day…

Jesus really is great!

Isn’t he just?

How Genesis 22 points us to Jesus.

Yet another week where I can’t decide which is the better comparison to make: Is Jesus the new and better Abraham; the man of great faith who trust God even in the hardest situation? Is he the new and better Isaac who goes willingly to the slaughter? Is he the new and better ram, the planned for sacrifice that will take the place of those meant to die? Yes, yes and YES!

For no matter how many promises God has made, they are ‘Yes’ in Christ.

Well said Paul (in 2 Corinthians 1:20).

New Series!

Where is Jesus in the Old Testament?

All over the place!

Super excited to announce a new series of Sunday School stuff! This time it’s all based on how our favourite Old Testament heroes and stories foreshadow Jesus. Inspired by this Tim Keller talk, we won’t look at all of history but certainly at some familiar stories; potentially in a new light.
We’re starting, fairly obviously, with Jesus is the new and better … Adam. So click the link to find Songs, games, a talk, activities, prayer ideas and more!