The best in Christmas scripts

From the rest of the internet Not including the ones I've written (because obviously I'm biased) Here are the gems I've uncovered: Stories of the Saviour by Felicia Mollahan A couple of presenters take us through the Old Testament and show us all the ways in which history looks forward to the coming of Jesus. … Continue reading The best in Christmas scripts


Another parable

The Power of Stories to change people's lives I was a visitor in a small village church this Sunday and something said in the sermon struck me: about the terrorist attack in Manchester last week the vicar asked, 'What was this young man's story that lead him to this point?' That was not something I … Continue reading Another parable

More Parables

Things that are lost and found And heavenly parties: lots of them! I really love planning a party! Usually more than I enjoy actually being at said party. However, celebrating with Jesus when someone else comes and joins the family is one set of parties I'm really looking forward too (assuming that Jesus doesn't come … Continue reading More Parables


Dealing with Exam Stress and more on Parables So exam stress first: GCSEs started this week which means plenty of stressed out teenagers. Here's a study that aims to put exams in their proper place with a bit of Biblical perspective. I've also updated the parables I posted last week. They now have a full … Continue reading Updates: