I can’t do it alone:

A long overdue thanks to the many Sunday School teachers who have helped and taught me. Looking at the teaching and activities in this weeks Acts Overview (Lesson 3) I realised just how much of a debt I owe to the other excellent Sunday School teachers I have known. The teaching structure was based on … Continue reading I can’t do it alone:


The shame of not blogging

Or why you haven't heard from me for a while "The shame is strong with this one" - Darth Vader I actually very much enjoy writing stuff for Sunday School - and I enjoy having the opportunity to share what I've written with other people. So you wouldn't think it would be over a month … Continue reading The shame of not blogging

Why I’m pro

Kids in Sunday School Firstly check out Tuesday's post: Why I'm pro kids in Church for the other side of this argument. Then read through this blog right to the end for what my ideal scenario would be. Sunday School can reach kids in a way church for all cannot Imagine giving a sermon,you've explained … Continue reading Why I’m pro

This month

Next week is the start of Ramadan, a month where Muslims across the world will be fasting and praying that they will grow closer to God. What a great prayer! And we know that many of them will be earnestly seeking: Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find; knock … Continue reading This month