Brand New Miniseries

All about Paul Although Paul would probably like me to point out it's actually all about Jesus We're starting the year as we mean to go on: overlong blog post subtitles and excellent new material to help you prep for your Sunday School classes. This first in the new series features A Scary Day for Ananias … Continue reading Brand New Miniseries


Take a journey

With Paul from the comfort of your own youth group First in a new series of Bible Studies for teenagers. This series takes us through the first two of Paul's Missionary Journeys. Check out the menu above for more studies written for a youth group setting. (It's under Youth Work). PS I've just spotted that … Continue reading Take a journey

Philippians 4

Finally finished Philippians Sorry for the delay Back on the blogging bandwagon and here to stay! Check out the latest and last chapter of Philippians and keep your eyes peeled (the easiest way to do this is to subscribe). Next week: WOT A way to pray! One way to help kids pray. See you then.

Philippians 3

Busy, Busy, Busy! Apologies for a super late post. I have been holiday-ing and holiday clubbing and holiday club prepping (not in that order) and I'm afraid that you may well have been waiting longer for this blog post than the 1st cenury church were waiting for Paul's letter. And if I think I'm busy … Continue reading Philippians 3

New Series!

Paul's Letter to the Philippians (or Phillippians Phillipians Fillipians Philipeans) Please tell me I'm not the only one who always questions if I've spelt it right? I was really excited to get to do this series; so much of what we do with kids is narrative based - and don't get me wrong that's great! … Continue reading New Series!