The end of the journey

Pilgrim's Progressed and we reached the end of this series Weeks four, five and six of Pilgrim's progress are up! As part of the story Bunyan wrote this song (well not this exactly but it's pretty similar) and I think it's fantastic in its teaching. I do find the traditional tune stirring: it is also … Continue reading The end of the journey


New Series!

A Pilgrim's Progress and how it helps us realise what it really means to be a Christian I cried the first time I read it. When Christian loses his burden in the shadow of the cross: I broke down.  I knew what that felt like and to my embarrassment I knew (and still know) I … Continue reading New Series!


The Chronicles continue but we haven't finished yet Yes, unfortunately the series is unfinished and will remain so for a while longer. We only had five weeks left before the holidays when I was writing these so that's not enough for the whole series even if we hadn't copped out and just had a Narnia … Continue reading Narnia

Philippians 4

Finally finished Philippians Sorry for the delay Back on the blogging bandwagon and here to stay! Check out the latest and last chapter of Philippians and keep your eyes peeled (the easiest way to do this is to subscribe). Next week: WOT A way to pray! One way to help kids pray. See you then.