How to help an anxious child One starting a new Sunday School class, for instance It should be no secret by now, if you've been reading this blog for a while, that I love Emma Scrivener's blog - A New Name - she's honest, straightforward, godly and occasionally poetic or humorous as the situation calls … Continue reading Reblogging:


Catch it if you can!

The New City Catechism for Kids Cat-eh-kism: difficult to say, difficult to spell A catechism is a method of learning Biblical truth in the manner of question and answer. When I first learned about this I was somewhat sceptical: I didn't think it was particularly bad but it seemed somewhat like teaching things without explaining … Continue reading Catch it if you can!

Why I’m pro

Kids in Sunday School Firstly check out Tuesday's post: Why I'm pro kids in Church for the other side of this argument. Then read through this blog right to the end for what my ideal scenario would be. Sunday School can reach kids in a way church for all cannot Imagine giving a sermon,you've explained … Continue reading Why I’m pro