Summer days, drifting away…

Resources for making the most of your summer Whether your regular scheduling continues or Sunday School is taking a break Summer is already here in Chicago: with a vengeance! Kids break up for vacation much earlier here than we do in the UK (If you're in a school there: keep going - you're really close!) … Continue reading Summer days, drifting away…


High days and Holy Days

Holy Week Celebrations Worksheets and colouring and videos; oh my! For Palm Sunday Worksheet on Luke 19v28-44 Jesus Enters Jerusalem for 8-12's but could be adapted Jesus' Triumphal Entry colouring page for up to 7 years old This video for 4-11's God's Story: Palm Sunday And A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to Jerusalem … Continue reading High days and Holy Days

More from Paul

Looking at letters Helping kids access non-narrative texts They're one of the things we spend most of our time on in Church and Bible studies, they're where most of our theology comes from and they're crucial to how we interpret the Bible. Yet the New Testament letters (19 out of 27 books) are infrequently covered … Continue reading More from Paul