I know I said I wasn’t posting but…

Safeguarding Tips from a parent and youthworker There is middle ground in the world of safeguarding: it lies somewhere between let-everyone-work-with-young-people-and-don't-bother-checking to the-bureaucracy-trap-where-no-one-is-allowed-in-the-church. A church needs a safeguarding policy and all church leaders and helpers need training to protect themselves and the kids - not negotiable. If you're not sure you're doing it right checkout … Continue reading I know I said I wasn’t posting but…


It’s Autism Awareness Month in the USA

Here are some ideas for how to make your Sunday School class more autism friendly There's never going to be an exhaustive list of 'things to do' nor will those things work for every child - I've compiled this list of maybe-this-or-maybe-that type things that I've found useful to think about when working with autistic … Continue reading It’s Autism Awareness Month in the USA

Easter plays

Teens and Drama Go together like eggs and chocolate So the thing about eggs and chocolate is you need the right combination. Chocolate shaped like eggs - great! Boiled chocolate - not-so-great. Here are a couple of Easter plays that work great when combined with teenagers. There's comedy, they're short enough to learn, you can … Continue reading Easter plays

It’s international women’s day

and an excuse for another Inspirational Christian and, yes, I've picked a woman There were soooooo many women I could have picked as being inspirational, Godly, Christ-following women. Women whose example we could all follow; writers like Emma Scrivener, missionaries like Jackie Pullinger, ordinary women whose names you wouldn't recognise, women throughout history, women whose … Continue reading It’s international women’s day