Exam Stress

…and how to deal with it

by having a Biblical perspective

This mostly applies to 16-18 year olds who I’ve aimed this study at but I strongly suspect an ever increasing need to aim it at younger students as the pressure gets piled on earlier. Our 11 year olds have practice exams in GCSE conditions: the idea is that they get used to it so the procedure is completely normal in five years time. A side effect is to make their first exams in secondary school seem hyper important in their eyes.

So here is a short Bible study exploring how to be faithful in this season of their lives. It was a lunchtime Bible study for Sixth formers so ideal if you’re running a Christian Union at a secondary school, a college or even at Uni – with a little adaptation.

There’s also a selection of helpful Exam Stress Verses (not to add to their list of things to memorise but to put in visible places where they can read and be reminded).